Truck festival

A team of us attended the Truck Festival in Oxfordshire. This was our second year there and we were eager to build on last years experiences.

The wind and rain made the camping conditions quite challenging but our spirits were not dampened and we found a great team unity.

We had a steady flow of visitors to our FREE HEALING tent and we were able to talk and pray with many people during the three days. There was a genuine curiosity as to why we were camping in a muddy field, having paid for our pitch and offering our time and prayers completely free of charge. It was a great opportunity to speak about our faith and listen to people share about themselves.

We prayed for approx 70-80 people during our time there and witnessed to many more. Nineteen people reported some measure of healing and many more were blessed by the kindness and compassion we were able to show.

We did meet a few people from last year and were encouraged to find that people’s lives had changed in positive ways.

This was truly a harvest fi eld of souls and it was a privilege to be God’s ambassador in the mission field.

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  1. What a blessing to see God at work knowing that He is still the same today as He was more that 2,000 years ago.
    All may change
    But Jesus NEVER
    Glory to His Name.

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